Hitachi Excavator/Loader Key

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Hitachi H800 Master Key

Please note that the key colour will be gold or silver depending on stock at hand. Please let us know if you have a specific request on this.

This key operates the following Hitachi plant:

• Hitachi Excavators
• Hitachi Graders
• Hitachi Dozers
• Hitachi Rollers
• Hitachi Skidsteers
• Hitachi Dumpers

Will fit any of these Excavators with the standard H800 pattern key.

E EG EH EX10 EX100 EX1100 EX12 EX120 EX1200 EX125 EX130 EX135 EX140 EX15 EX150 EX160 EX17 EX18 EX1800 EX1900 EX20 EX22 EX25 EX27 EX200 EX210 EX220 EX225 EX230 EX270 EX280 EX2500 EX2600 EX30 EX33 EX34 EX35 EX300 EX310 EX350 EX370 EX385 EX3500 EX3600 EX40 EX45 EX400 EX450 EX5 EX55 EX58 EX50 EX550 EX5500 EX5600 EX60 EX600 EX70 EX75 EX700 EX750 EX8 EX80 EX800 EX800 EX90 ZC ZH ZR ZV ZW ZX10 ZX110 ZX120 ZX125 ZX1000 ZX130 ZX135 ZX14 ZX140 ZX145 ZX16 ZX160 ZX17 ZX170 ZX18 ZX180 ZX185 ZX1800 ZX19 ZX20 ZX200 ZX210 ZX22 ZX220 ZX225 ZX230 ZX240 ZX25 ZX250 ZX260 ZX27 ZX280 ZX29 ZX290 ZX30 ZX300 ZX33 ZX330 ZX35 ZX350 ZX360 ZX370 ZX38 ZX380 ZX40 ZX400 ZX450 ZX460 ZX470 ZX48 ZX480 ZX50 ZX500 ZX52 ZX520 ZX55 ZX60 ZX65 ZX650 ZX670 ZX70 ZX75 ZX8 ZX80 ZX800 ZX85 ZX850 ZX870 ZX95


Accepted Payment options
- Visa
- Mastercard
- Visa Debit
- PayPal
- Bank Deposit

Finance - available please check out our finance page
We are experts on getting machinery moved around new Zealand and exporting overseas. Let us know what size machine you like from our range and we will get you a delivery quote

Hitachi Excavator/Loader Key

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